The Benefits of Using Crowd Control Barricades for Large Events

The Benefits of Using Crowd Control Barricades for Large Events

The Benefits of Using Crowd Control Barricades for Large Events

By Justin Jabara - Sep 11, 2023

Nearly 2 million large-scale events take place in the United States every year.

Have you ever wondered how these large events seem to be so incredibly busy yet orderly? The answer lies in the strategic placement of crowd control barricades.

Join us as we unravel the subtle art that transforms bustling crowds into seamless, unforgettable experiences.

Enhanced Crowd Management

The first, and perhaps most obvious, benefit of using crowd control barriers is that they provide an easy way to manage large crowds.

Barriers provide a clear indication of spaces. They guide the flow of foot traffic in order to prevent congestion. Strategically placing barricades in the following areas can help prevent overcrowding:

    • Entrances and Exits
    • Main Stages and Performance Areas
    • Food and Beverage Stations
    • Restroom Facilities
    • Merchandise and Vendor Booths
    • High-Traffic Pathways
    • Viewing Areas
    • Emergency Evacuation Routes
    • Photo Opportunities and Selfie Spots
    • VIP and Restricted Zones

Using barriers like this and controlling the crowd effectively allows for a smoother event all around. Both organizers and attendees will have a better time. 

Crowd Control Barricades

Safety First

The safety of your attendees should always come first. Crow control barricades contribute hugely to creating a secure environment.

The barriers do this by creating a physical barrier between attendees and any potential hazards. These hazards could be traffic, equipment, or restricted areas.

In emergency situations, the crowd control barriers serve as a tool for crowd management. They enable a quick and controlled evacuation should it be needed. They can also act as vantage points for security staff to monitor the event and respond to incidents. 

Crowd Control Safety Barriers

Organized Queue Management

Large events often attract substantial crowds. Crowds of a certain size will inevitably lead to long lines and queues.

Crowd control barricades are a useful tool for organizing queues for ticketing, entry, food and drink stalls, or any service that might experience long lines.

Channeling attendees into orderly lines has plenty of benefits. The most notable of these is that it can reduce line-jumping. This leads to a fair queuing system that will keep everyone happy.

An efficient queue management system is an overlooked aspect of event management. It boosts attendee experience for one thing, but it also optimizes the use of event resources.

Stanchion Post and Panel Queue Lines

Flexibility and Versatility

Large events require organizers to think on their feet and stay flexible where possible. There are a huge number of variables that can drastically alter your plans and needs as the event progresses.

Barricades can be easily set up and packed down at a moment's notice. You can have them set up in one area, and then shift them to another area that is experiencing a higher demand for crowd control.

They allow your security team to be flexible and able to respond to whatever is thrown at them. 

Find Out More About Crowd Control Barricades Today

In the realm of large-scale events, the benefits of using crowd control barricades are undeniable.

By incorporating crowd control barricades into event planning, organizers can create a safer, and more enjoyable experience for attendees.

If you're wondering how to get your hands on some of these barricades, you're reading the right article. Epic Crowd Control has a wide range of crowd control solutions. We can cater to events of any size.

If you want to find out more about our products and services, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. 

Justin Jabara

Justin Jabara

Justin Jabara is an innovative and pioneering business leader who has been a crucial part of Epic Solutions since its formation. With nearly 20 years of experience in crowd control, Justin has extensive knowledge in both the sales and rental industry. His passion lies at the intersection of sales, marketing and technology, which he studied extensively, earning his Bachelor's degree in Sales & Marketing and then a Master's degree in Online Marketing. Additionally, he use to oversee production for the family-owned sewing business that specializes in creating custom barrier covers. Justin's tremendous expertise has made him an invaluable asset to the Epic Solutions team.
Sep 11th 2023

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