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Purchasing the right belt stanchions can be a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with the different types available. Post and rope stanchions are often an excellent choice as they allow for versatility and flexibility when it comes to managing your queue line. If space is limited, wall mount stanchion barriers may be ideally suited to your needs. When choosing your belt, depending on the look you wish to achieve, you may decide on either a standard belt color, a striped belt, or a printed stock message belt. For ultimate flexibility in customizing your queue lines, you may also want to consider combining different post finishes, belt lengths and belt colors as needed. Additionally, carts may also be useful in storing or transporting various stanchion types.

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How To Choose The Right Stanchion To Buy?

There are a wide variety of stanchions depending on your intended use and why you are looking to buy stanchions. You should consider if you will be using the stanchions inside our outdoors, how long you intend to keep your stanchions, the look you want for your location where they will be used, if they need to blend in or stand out, the size of the area where the stanchions will be used, if you plan on moving them often, etc...


Don't worry...our crowd control experts at Epic Crowd Control are ready to help you with choosing the right stanchion to buy for your application, needs, and desires. You can call 855-720-0100 , chat down below, or email us and someone will be happy to assist you in your stanchion purchase journey.