Plastic Jersey Barrier 32 H x 72 L

  • Colors: Orange, White, Yellow, Tan, OD Green, Blue
  • Uniform Wall Thickness 1/4"
  • UV Resistant Polyethylene - protects against fading
  • Weight: 70 lbs empty | 655 lbs water (70 gal.)
  • 174 Units Per Full Truckload
  • Plastic Jersey Barrier 32x18x72
  • 32 inch tall jersey barriers
  • Plastic Jersey Barrier 32 H x 72 L
  • Plastic Jersey Barrier 32 H x 72 L
  • Safety Yellow Plastic Jersey Barrier 32"x72"
  • White Plastic Jersey Barrier 32"x72"
  • Tan Plastic Jersey Barrier 32"x72"
  • Blue Plastic Jersey Barrier 32"x72"
  • Safety Orange Plastic Jersey Barrier 32"x72"
  • Green Plastic Jersey Barrier 32"x72"

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 Plastic Jersey Barrier | 32" Tall x 24" Width x 72" Length

 32" High x 18" Wide x 72" Long Plastic Jersey Barriers

Crash test rated plastic jersey barriers for construction and highway use. This rotationally molded jersey barrier is made from 100% virgin plastic resins and can withstand hot and cold climates. The ridges on the exterior and interior of the barrier give this plastic barrier the extra strength to withstand the ware and tear of everyday use by customers.

Ask one of our experts about how to use these jersey barriers in cold climates or what plastic barrier would work best for your application.

  • Colors: Safety Orange | White | Safety Yellow | Tan | Olive Drab | Blue
  • Weight: Empty 70 lbs | Water Filled 655 lbs
  • Wall Thickness: .250" or 6.35 mm (avg.)
  • Material: UV Inhibitors / Low-Density Polyethylene

A 32" tall x 72" plastic jersey barrier is a versatile and durable safety solution commonly used in construction sites, parking lots, and roadways. Due to its size and weight, it effectively blocks vehicles and prevents accidents from occurring. Made of virgin plastic resin, it is resistant to weather, strong winds, and UV rays. This barrier can be used in both warm and cold climates, making it highly adaptable. Available in a variety of standard or customized colors, it can also serve as a visible marker for different zones or areas. Its base provides stability, making it easy to install and maintain. In summary, a 32" tall x 72" plastic jersey barrier provides a reliable, cost-effective, and long-lasting alternative to traditional concrete barriers and can offer superior protection in a wide range of settings. 

 All Jersey Barriers Are Made To Order. Average Production Time Takes 1-2 Weeks
***All Jersey Barriers Are Non-Refundable Once Payment Is Received*** 

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