Controlling a Crowd: The Different Types of Stanchions, Explained

Controlling a Crowd: The Different Types of Stanchions, Explained

Whenever a big crowd of people gets together, the chance of a crowd surge, crowd stampede, or a crowd rush is quite possible. This is even more true when folks get overexcited by seeing a starlet or celebrity they adore and wish to get closer to.

Whatever the event though, having stanchions in place can be a great way to do some crowd control. And prevent crushes or stampedes.

In the article below, we list the main kinds of stanchions available for purchase. This way, you can get the one most suitable for your event.

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable belt stanchions are among the most commonly used types of stanchions. They consist of a post with a retractable belt cassette on top.

These stanchions are highly versatile and allow for easy customization. The belts are available in various colors and can get imprinted with messages like "Do Not Enter" or "Line Starts Here."

Retractable belt stanchions are ideal for managing queues, restricting access to certain areas, and creating boundaries. You might have seen these in the customs lineup at the airport or the bank.

Classic Rope Stanchions

These are a more elegant kind of stanchion and feature posts with decorative finials and ropes made of velour, braided nylon, or twisted polypropylene. Classic rope stanchions are commonly seen in upscale establishments like hotels, theaters, and museums.

They add a touch of sophistication while effectively guiding visitors. These can be used to create VIP sections or designate exclusive areas.

Wall Mounted Retractable Belt

Wall-mounted retractable belt stanchions are fixed to walls or vertical surfaces. This offers a space-saving crowd control solution. You can use these in hallways, corridors, or narrow spaces where freestanding stanchions might obstruct the flow of people.

Wall-mounted stanchions are often seen in hospitals and train stations, guiding people through long queues or directing them toward specific areas.

Plastic Stanchions

Plastic stanchions are lightweight, affordable, and highly durable. They are commonly used in outdoor events, construction sites, and parking areas.

They are also weather-resistant. And can be easily interconnected to form longer barriers.

They are available in various colors and can be customized with reflective tape for enhanced visibility. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor crowd control needs.

Heavy-Duty Stanchions

Heavy-duty stanchions are designed for high-traffic areas and situations where extra strength and stability are required. These stanchions are often made of materials like stainless steel or cast iron, ensuring long-lasting durability.

How To Choose Stanchions for Your Event

As seen above, there are a wide variety of stanchions available for purchase. Each one of them will be suitable for a different kind of event or situation. If you aren't sure which one you should be purchasing for your event, please contact us.

We can guide you toward the right kind of crowd control products to ensure your event is successful without any crowd hazards or mishaps. 

Jun 5th 2023 Epic Solutions Experts

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