Protecting Your Crowd Control Investment with Stanchion Carts

Protecting Your Crowd Control Investment with Stanchion Carts

Crowd control stanchions are an important investment for any stadium or arena hosting large events. Not only do they provide a safe and orderly way to manage crowds, but they also serve as a visual reminder of your brand and can help promote your organization’s values. That is why it is essential to know how to transport stanchions correctly in order to protect your investment and ensure the safety of your guests. 

Transporting Stanchions Correctly The most effective way to transport stanchions is by using a stanchion cart. A stanchion cart is specifically designed to securely store and move crowd control systems without damaging them in the process. The cart can hold 10 to 24 posts and has quality casters for easy maneuverability. It also features locking casters which prevent the cart from rolling away while transporting it, ensuring that all of your equipment stays in one place until you arrive at your destination. This makes it much easier than trying to carry multiple posts at once while ensuring that no one gets hurt in the process. Transporting Stanchions The Wrong Way There are many ways to transport stanchions incorrectly, such as carrying them by hand or stacking them on top of each other without proper protection or support. Doing this not only increases the risk of damage, but it also increases the risk of injury due to awkward postures or slipping hazards created by stacking multiple posts on top of each other. Additionally, carrying stanchions by hand can be difficult if you have more than two posts and could lead to back injuries if done improperly. Protecting Your Crowd Control Investment Storing and transporting crowd control systems correctly is essential for protecting your investment over time. By investing in a stanchion cart, you can ensure that all of your equipment remains safe during transportation and will last you through many years of service without needing replacement parts or repairs due to damage caused by improper handling or storage methods. Additionally, using a stanchion cart helps keep your staff safe while transporting equipment as well since they won’t have to worry about dropping posts or hurting themselves while carrying multiple posts at once. 

Storing and transporting crowd control systems requires careful attention and consideration if you want it to remain effective for long-term use. Investing in a quality stanchion cart is essential for protecting both your staff’s safety during transportation as well as the longevity of your equipment over time. By taking these precautions, you can rest assured knowing that you are making the best possible decision when it comes to protecting your crowd control investment!

Feb 7th 2023 Epic Solutions Experts

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