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Steel Barricades 

Steel crowd control barricades are also commonly known as Bike Rack Barriers. EPIC steel barriers come in an 8 foot (2.5 Meter) and 6.5 foot (2 Meter) frame length. Made of heavy duty hot dip galvanized metal.


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Steel Crowd Control Barricades

Plastic Jersey Barriers 

Water-filled plastic jersey barricades will help protect your company when you need it. Easy to setup and deploy with no heavy equipment needed. Heavy duty 32" high x 72" long or 42" high x 72" long rotationally molded plastic with extensive testing.



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Water file plastic jersey barricades

Stanchion Posts 

Crowd control stanchions are used at facilities for creating queue lines. Choose from Retractable Belt Stanchions, Post & Rope Barriers, Safety & Outdoor Posts, Dual Line Stanchions, Wall Mount Barricades, Signs & Frame, etc.


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Stanchion post barriers for crowd control
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Safety is a major logistical concern whenever planning an event for large crowds. Without the appropriate safety barricades, effective crowd control is virtually impossible. From temporary construction sites to large-scale events, plan against potential property damage or guest injuries by managing the flow of traffic through the use of barricades.
Epic Solutions LLC has been supplying quality barriers and crowd control products throughout the United States for over ten years. Our event specialists will work with you from the planning stage to completion in order to ensure you find the cost-effective solutions you need. 


Not All Barriers Are Created Equally

That’s why we offer a variety of barrier styles to our customers. We have years of manufacturing experience – and we use our in-depth knowledge of the crowd control industry to create products that will work in all types of situations. Our goal is to provide you with simple, efficient and dependable products as you plan an event – and our crowd control experts are available to assist you with questions regarding how to use our barriers to your greatest advantage.

  • Steel barricades come in a variety of sizes and colors (orange, silver or black – based on best visibility for your event). We make them available at wholesale prices and ship your products directly to you at the lowest cost shipping method, so you pay less! Each piece hooks into the next one in order to create an extended barrier around large or odd-shaped areas. This is an effective option for securing private property, construction sites or other potentially hazardous locations.
  • Plastic Jersey barriers are flexible and easy to use in a variety of situations. They are easy to transport and can be filled with water. These products are useful for parking management, without the risk of damage that can result from products made from cement or metal.


At Epic Solutions LLC, our expert team wants to help you create the most effective and affordable crowd control plan for your temporary or long-term project. We can accommodate your needs, whether you are working on a short-term, small-capacity event or one that encompasses more time or space. Check out our sales and rental options or request more information today!