Custom Powder Coating

Create your custom powder coated steel barricades with EPIC SolutionsSteel Crowd Control Barricades In Custom Colors | Call 855-720-0100

Give us your custom color or we can help you choose the perfect custom powder coating color for your steel barricades. Custom crowd control barricades are custom priced on a per order basis. Call one of our steel barricade specialists to discuss your custom powder coating colors and options today!

Custom Barrier Jackets
Custom barrier jackets to fit steel crowd control barricades

Standard Powder Coated ColorsPower coated crowd control barricades stocked in orange and black

Galvanized BarriersHot dip galvanized crowd control barricades in a silver finish

Steel control barricades are also known as Metal Bike Rack and French Style barricades. We offer two frame sizes and are available in a flat or bridge base. Replacment bolt on bases makes it easier for you to repair your barricades and keep your crowd control equipment looking new. Don't forget to check out the custom barrier jackets to turn your barricades into an extra marketing space.