Chain Link Fence

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Chain Link Fencing

Rent temporary chain link fence panels for your construction site and special events. Temp chain link fencing can be used for safety or privacy of your location. Short and long term rentals available across the United States. 

Don't forget that EPIC Solutions LLC has more than just fencing. We are a full service provider of crowd control and special event equipment. Our team is specialized in sourcing   equipment for large scale events and races such as: NFL Super Bowl, Neon Vibe, The Zombie Run, Spartan Race, Universal Studios, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Vicotoria Secrets, Watch Station, Fossil, and many more.

EPIC rents temporary chain link fence panels

Large Inventory of Fencing

We have locations across the U.S. to service any of your temporary chain link fence needs. Our professional crews can deliver and setup your rental at the most competitive rates on the market. 

Common Sizes
Heights: 4 ft / 6 ft / 8 ft
Lengths: 8 ft / 10 ft / 12 ft

Local facilities will vary in sizes depending on what the demand is in the region. Temporary fencing is commonly used with sand bags or weighted bases. Add windscreen or mesh to conceal your event or job site. 

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Temporary chain link fencing panels

Setting Up Temporary Fencing

It is very easy to setup and take down temp chain link fencing. The chain link panels simply slip over the neck on the bases or stands. Each base or stand has two "necks" or "nipples" which the two ajoining fence panels will share. 

Clamps are used to secure the fence panels and safely prevent unwanted access to your location. Add sand bags or weight to the bases to prevent the  temporary fence line from being moved after installation. 

The fence panels can be neatly stacked before or after your event to keep a professional appearance. Extra compoenents are recommoneded for last minute additions or changes to your site plan.

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Temporary fence panels are easy to store and install with removable bases